Leadership lab programme


Many people in South Africa today are facing leadership roles and responsibilities without the luxury of natural progression and growth into that role. Many people are expected to step into leadership positions and perform immediately. To most this would be an overwhelming predicament. A predicament associated with high levels of stress, anxiety and to some even burn-out. Not having efficient and sufficient support in becoming rightful leaders, does not only impact the individual leaders negatively, but has dire consequences for the communities, governments, companies and even whole countries of those leaders…

At Leadership Labyrinth (Leadership Lab for short) we believe that the importance of personal development overshadows all other leadership training approaches when it comes to developing self-aware, authentic and powerful leaders. We believe that  developing leaders who are truly connected with themselves  and others on a personal and soul (or spiritual) level – always seeking the greater good for all people and not just satisfying needs of the ego – is imperative for the sustainability of this country as well as the world.

Einstein said:”One can never solve a problem on the level in which is was created”. This is also true for the status of our leaders – we need to exceed the current status quo of leadership and leadership training which often focusses on skills, techniques. and external indicators. We need to return to the great importance of knowing “who we are”.

“Twenty-first-century leaders are rewarded for their drive, decisiveness, productivity, and long work hours. In such an environment, what happens to the soul of a leader? Too often , it shrivels and dies, resulting in harm to the leader and to the organisation the leader serves” (Margaret Benefiel author of The soul of a leader)
The leadership lab process takes the participant through a challenging but transformational 7 month leadership and personal development journey.
Theories, approaches and research that informs and supports this programme can be found in the “research pages”. Please inquire for more information.

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