Jonelle’s style of facilitation is based on the work of Arnold Mindell (Process psychology) and Organisational and Relationships Systems Coaching (Centre of Right Relationship).

Jonelle will help you assess the nature of the issue/s you want to be address as well as the breath and depth of the process that you would like to achieve. Guided by this information Jonelle will either design a structured facilitation process or set up the right conditions for a more organic or free-flowing group process to take place.

Structured facilitation processes would typically have a specific agenda with specific objectives and outcomes. Team building initiatives, goal/project planning activities and team alignment processes are examples of structured facilitations.

Process driven facilitation is typically open ended, non-linear, and free flowing thus not following any specific structure. Such processes simply follow the ever emerging process of the group. Expert facilitation skills are applied in such a process in order to unfold the group process and elicit learning and transformation from what is present in the group.