Jonelle works with women and men who have a longing to fulfill their purpose in this life.
Together we co-create the the journey towards deeper awareness and wisdom, unlocking potential and increasing personal leadership.

Who would benefit?
- Any individual or group of people who work in service of their community/country/world -  ON ANY LEVEL.
- Any individual/group of people who feel ready to step into true fully-committed self-aware leadership.

Individual Coaching
The frequency and duration of sessions are determined by the coach and coachee.

A “standard” scenario would include 2 to 4 one-hour sessions per month over a minimum period of 6 months.

The specific directions and topics of the coaching is owned by the coachee. However the coach ensures that the learning, deepened self-awareness, hightened awareness of other and the world, and higher purpose remain the meta-agenda.