coaching, training and facilitation

for individuals and teams

Coaching is a rigorous personal development process that aims to help the client fulfill her/his full potential. The focus of the coaching is not limited to performance and work/business progress but it addresses the client’s whole life. This holistic approach helps the client grow and develop not only as a business leader but also as a person and “leader in life”

Training can range from general coaching skills training to more specific soft skills training. Specific training programmes will also be customised to suit you or your company’s individual needs.

Facilitation is provided for different group processes. Team building and conflict management are two popular objectives.

The leadership lab programme is for individuals and teams who are serious about unfolding their authentic leadership potential and style. It is an exclusive, transformational 6 month programme that includes 2 residential retreats and 6 months of personal coaching.

Why leadership lab?

It is a new dawn for leadership development and training,  not only in South Africa but internationally. Globally we are learning that powerful leadership comprise more than knowledge, ego and authority – it calls on a way of being that encompass humilty, a drive towards the greater good of all, courage, pro-active risk taking, strong sense of personal responsibility, integrity and an ability to know where is true North! Through self-discovery, personal development and personal leadership training we can all learn to be powerful leaders in our organisations, personal life and family life.

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